Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center

Director's Message

Welcome to the Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center!

Each season is special and has its own charm, but fall is my favorite. The Heritage Gardens at the Center and trees in Chadron’s lovely parks display their fall colors, as does the College. The students are back in classes and school pride is always high for the first games, matches, and go-rounds of the year. Yes, go-rounds. Chadron State Rodeo is unique for many of our visitors, but it is true to the history, heritage, and culture of our region.

Rodeo started at Chadron State College in the 1950s with Leon Pine as the sponsor. It was not long until Chadron State had the first of many national champions. In 1956, Don Meter won the national championship in calf roping. This proud tradition of excellence continues today with the current Chadron State Rodeo Coach, Dustin Luper, named the Central Rocky Mountain Region Coach of the Year,

The history of Chadron State College is on the mind of many of us as we begin to prepare for the celebration of College’s centennial 2011. It may seem a long way off, but planning a celebration this big takes time. The College has and continues to play an active part in the lives of those who reside in the area and to those whose lives have been touched by Chadron State College. As the history museum and research center on campus, my staff and I feel an additional responsibility to the campus and to the region to preserve and interpret that history.

I am grateful that I am able to be one of the many caretakers of Chadron State College history and collections.  I am also grateful that the Sandoz Center through our exhibit and programs is able to influence the next one-hundred years of Chadron State College.

I hope that as you enjoy the fall season and that as you look at the fall colors around you, you also look at the history around you.

Sarah Polak, Director
Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center

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