Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center

Treasures of Solitude: The Botanical Illustrations of Bellamy Parks Jansen

Name of Institution High Plains Herbarium - Chadron State College
Running Feet/Space needed Can Vary
  Standard exhibit - 45 8x10 framed illustrations
Special Requirements None
Description Art and botany come together in the works of Colorado artist, and
Nebraska native, Bellamy Parks Jansen. Ms. Jansen’s botanical
illustrations of plants native to the Great Plains region have won her
acclaim as both an artist and plant taxonomist. Ms. Jansen has been
working as a professional botanical illustrator for 24 years and her work
has been published in over 70 publications throughout the United States.
Costs: Nebraska None
  Out of state (within 2 hours of Chadron) $50
  Other $150 plus outbound shipping
Contact Person: Steven Rolfsmeier, Curator
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