Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center

Sick of collecting dust? Collect more with Museum Studies!

Collect Adventure…

In museums, curiosity is at the heart of what we do and who we are. Museums have been and continue to be the places where people go to interact with real object, places, and experiences. Underneath those dusty artifact is a real adventure.

The adventures are here at Chadron State College. Join staff and students in a program that brings both the museum and history to life. With small class sizes, hands-on experience and opportunities for field research, the Museum Studies program can help extend your adventure beyond graduation.

Collect Experience…

CSC’s Museum Studies program offers a rare opportunity for those interested in a career in this dynamic field. Indulge your curiosity and step inside a world of opportunity. The Museum Studies can take you there through the study of museums, their practices, history, and philosophies. Students in the program are provided with a strong foundation for beginning their museum career exploration.

Collect a future…

There is more than “collections” in this field. With a Museum Studies minor you are in line for a number of careers in the work world - careers that put you behind the scenes. Careers like: Museum Technicians and Conservators, Curators, Appraisers and Assessors, and Set and Exhibit Designers.

So quit collecting dust and start collecting credit.

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